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EVA Car mats for Lexus LFA

Lexus Lexus ×LFA ×
FloorLiner for Lexus LFA I (2010-2013)
FloorLiner for Lexus LFA I (2010-2013)
$ 99 $ 149

Customer feedback

  • IvanCars: Lexus RX V (2023- ...)

    Thank you!

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  • ViktorCars: Lexus TX I (2024 - ...)

    I'm surprised they have this for my new TX. Fit perfect

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    • Kevin FulverCars: Lexus TX I (2024 - ...)

      Thank you guys. Love it. Gray color is the best!!!!

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      • DevinCars: Lexus NX I (2014 - 2021)

        The dirt is all in the honeycomb, the water does not spread, it's so cool when the cabin is clean!

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