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EVA car floor mats by Fortunacarmats

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Advantages of EVA Mats

  • X We install original fixations from the car producer’s factory, so that EVA mats fit perfectly in your car.
  • X There are more than 500 colours. So you can choose not only the colour of the mat, but also the colour of the edging.
  • X EVA car mats retain up to 50 oz of water, dirt and dust and don’t let the car interior become dirty
  • X EVA car mats are easy to clean. Just pull them out of the car and knock out.
  • X EVA material is used in the production of orthopedic shoes, fitness and sports products, and also in dentistry.
  • X EVA is an environmentally friendly material, completely hypoallergic. It does not have any smell or toxic.
  • X EVA car mats are resistant to low and high temperatures from 58°F to +122°F
  • X EVA is elastic, flexible and resilient material. it follows the relief of objects and fits them perfectly.
  • X The material is resistant to environmental influences and other mechanical impact

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