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Car mats for EVA Saturn

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  • Travis RobertsCars: Saturn Outlook I (2006-2010)

    These floor mats are perfect for my Outlook. They look great and trap all dirt and water. Thank you so much.

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    • Kenny SmithCars: Saturn Vue III (2007-2010)

      Fortuna FL Car Mats's mats look great in the car and fit very well. I am curious how they will do in the winter time with snow...

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      • Stanley HughesCars: Saturn Vue II (2005-2007)

        It fits perfectly in my car. It was raining, mud and grass has got all over my shoes, and I step on the mats. Nothing got on my carpet. It's amazing and worth the money!

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        • PeteCars: Saturn Astra 3/5 Doors I (2008 - 2010)

          The mats were exactly what I wanted. The color was right on! And most importantly, they fit better than the factory units!!

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