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Made in America

The company Fortuna FL Car Mats appeared on the market in 2022. But the start on the American market immediately began with a large model base (more than 6234 car models), as well as with a full range of color combinations of mats.

Such a quick start thanks to 10 years of experience in the European market in the niche of automobile accessories

We use only high-quality materials in our production

  • EVA material with a density of 60 SHORE
    Cheap analogues have a material density of only 30 shore
  • Original fasteners from the manufacturer`s factory
    Also, we give a 1-year warranty for all components
  • High-quality aluminum fittings for mats
    Thanks to this, the badges and under heel platform are not subject to corrosion
  • High-quality fasteners to the floor covering
    Will not damage the pile of your floor, perfectly hold the mat

Replenished database of templates

There are 6234 templates in our database, over 10 years of work, they have been checked by multiple sales, all the shortcomings have been eliminated. Every day the base of templates becomes bigger and bigger, we do not save money on measurements of patterns and try to expand the catalog as much as possible, taking measurements even on the rarest cars. One of the main advantages, we measure all the patterns ourselves in order to achieve maximum coverage of the floor surface

  • Before shipping, the product goes through 3 stages of quality control

Fortuna FL Car Mats is an experience, a professional team, high-quality materials and expensive equipment, a product quality guarantee




Deep cells collect and hold up to 50 oz of dirt and liquid, preventing them from spreading through the car interior. To pour out the water, the mats need to be held almost vertically. This ensures that the water in the cabin will not splash, as can happen with rubber products.

Our mats also reliably hold solid debris, sand or soil and do not allow them to move around the cabin. Dirt collects at the bottom of the cells and does not get in the way under your feet. This is an indisputable advantage of GeoFloo products over rubber and velour analogues.


Since I also changed the mats to EVA on the last car, and I really liked this case, I decided to do the same with mat. If anyone is not aware of their advantages and disadvantages, there is a lot of information on the Internet. Personally, I really like their appearance, the static nature of dirt and water when they get on them, as well as the ease of cleaning. Native rubber mats when dirty look extremely not so good.


I pleased myself with carpets from GeoFloo. After placing the order, the manager called to clarify the order was very polite. They came quickly, in 5 days.

The structure of these mats is very interesting. Dirt and water accumulate in the cells, which is why the interior is clean. It's easy to clean the carpets themselves - just hit from behind, at most walked with a kercher. The fastenings of the carpets fit perfectly under the family and additionally have Velcro, the carpets do not fidget and remain in place.After rubber carpets, this is a great option!

Textile is not practical, but these are very nice.


To be honest, I am very happy about the purchase! No smell, no dirt in the cabin! Before that, there were combined carpets — ordinary rubber, but a cloth carpet was laid inside, which absorbed all the dirt into itself in winter and my winter shoes with suede inserts lost their appearance in one season. In new carpets, all the dirt accumulates in the cells and the shoes are absolutely dry. I liked the stitching of the edge, qualitatively! Colleagues from work took mats in other stores and are not entirely satisfied with the purchase.